Brett Morris

I produced this record for comedian and good friend Howard Kremer. It’s a fun, brilliantly hilarious album and my goal was to make it just musically and sonically substantial enough to really stand up as a record you can keep coming back to. Bump it at your next BBQ!

Listen/purchase: Have Anothah Summah by Howard Kremer

My band’s debut album. I co-wrote, co-produced, mixed, and mastered it, along with all art design. And of course played lead guitar. It’s sprawling hard rock with a dirty psychedelic funk to it. I’m bringing guitar solos back to the 21st century, so be ready! It’s available on iTunes, Spotify, and everywhere else, but I’d prefer if you got it straight from Bandcamp. You get full artwork and liner notes with your download!

Listen/purchase here: Light Headed by Scattered Suns

About Me

Songwriter, musician, producer. Friends and collaborators with scores of comedians, but I’m not a comedy nerd.